Give Gift that Gives Back: Why You Should Give the Gift of Solar This Year

Give the gift of solar, green gift

Holiday gifting is often centered around the latest tech gadget, kid’s toy, or big screen television. All of that is fun, of course, but we know that the best gifts worth giving are the ones that will last a lifetime. Are you looking for a green gift to give to a loved one this holiday season? Are you are looking for a gift to give your home-owning children or even a close friend or neighbor? Gifting an initial deposit on a solar panel system for a special person in your life is a thoughtful gift that makes a difference!


Is this even a thing? Can I really just “give” someone solar panels?

Yes, believe it or not. Here at Solar Five, our team is equipped to help you sign up a friend or family member for solar panels in a simple, straight-forward process. There are all sorts of ways to do it, working with your vision of the gift and within the homeowner’s parameters.


How much money would I need to give?

The initial deposit on a solar panel system depends on the size of the system needed and the type of financing agreed upon by yourself or the homeowner. In essence, your “gift” will be to get the ball rolling: with an in-home inspection and energy audit to find out the needs and suitability of the home, and an initial design of a custom-built panel system. [An inspection and home audit are free to you and the gift recipient.]


Do I have to know everything about my loved one’s property before getting started?

No. We will perform a full assessment of the recipient’s property and then design a custom system for them and their needs. Just make sure that your loved one is seriously interested in solar energy before surprising them with this opportunity!


Do I have to know anything about their energy bill or how much energy they use every month?

Nope! As long as they are Massachusetts or Rhode Island residents who are customers of a local energy provider (like Eversource or National Grid), we know we can save them money and we can create a system that will meet their needs.


Do I have to know anything about their roof? What about trees?

Our expert solar consultants will perform a full qualification assessment of the property. We will inspect the roof and make sure it can handle our system. Our technicians and designers can create a system for just about any type of roof. While there are some circumstances where there is simply too much shade, more likely than not, we can find a way to bring the benefit of solar to your gift recipient.

We know that the gift of solar is a bit unconventional, but we also know that it’s thoughtful and creative, and does a lot for us all. When you give the gift of solar through Solar Five, you make a difference in the energy costs of the recipient, you invest in clean energy that benefits our environment, and you put your New England neighbors to work by investing in a local provider. It doesn’t take much to get started on giving a green gift this holiday season. Our friendly team of local technicians would be delighted to speak to you about fun, creative ways to surprise your loved one with this thoughtful gift!

Ready to give a gift that lasts a lifetime? Fill out our form or give us a call today so you can have your gift set up by Christmas and the panels installed and running before Spring!


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