What Is Mass Save and How Can It Help Me Save on Energy in 2017?

You are looking to save on energy in 2017. Maybe you could use some help.

We know that you are committed to save on energy in 2017. You are probably doing well with the basics: turning off the lights when you leave the room, keeping your thermostat at a reasonably low temperature… but you probably won’t be too surprised to know that there is plenty more you can do. Massachusetts residents can get a little extra help finding out how they can save thanks to the Mass Save program.

What is Mass Save?

Mass Save is a money-saving and energy-conservation initiative sponsored by natural gas and electricity providers in Massachusetts. Their collaboration provides in-home and online assessments of Massachusetts residences and businesses, as well as provides rebates and other incentives for purchases. The program is free to access by any Massachusetts resident, whether they are a home owner, a renter, a landlord or a business owner.

What does Mass Save do for Massachusetts residents?

Mass Save provides a lot of services for Massachusetts Residents, one of the biggest being a Home Energy Assessment, when a representative comes to the home (or business) to check out the energy efficiency. A friendly representative comes to look over everything from the insulation to the lightbulbs, even the weather stripping on the doors. High-tech tools like infrared monitors to see how much heat your exterior walls are losing in the winter, help provide the homeowner important information on how they can better use their energy and what improvements they can make.

Pro tip: Allow upwards of 2 hours for your Mass Save assessment and have a notebook handy! Representatives are knowledgeable and thorough, imparting a lot of information on actionable things you can do right now and potential opportunities to do more with significant rebates!

Is it true that Mass Save gives free stuff to people?

Yes! One of the best parts about a Mass Save assessment is that the representative comes in with a box full of free goodies! They will convert every lightbulb in your home with high-efficiency LED or CFL bulbs. They bring weather stripping, advanced power-strips, and even a digital programmable thermostat. All given for free with no obligation to the resident. Furthermore, Mass Save offers rebates toward insulation improvements, ENERGY STAR appliances, and even toward energy-efficient heating.

Pro tip: Make sure your home is ready for someone to come through from the attic to the basement! If you have pets, make sure they are secure! Your representative will thank you!

Get started today!

January is the time to make the bold decisions that will set you up for a great year. If you are serious about taking a chunk out of your energy bills this year, you should start with Mass Save. Mass Save is the perfect starting place for Massachusetts residents who want to lower their energy costs. It’s free and you will learn a lot! Give them a call or check out their website right now!


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