Twinkle Time! Tips for Energy Efficient Holiday Decorating

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The forecast looks bright this weekend, which is perfect for stringing up some holiday lights! Are you planning out your outdoor holiday decorations for this year? Holiday décor can sometimes mean a larger-than-usual energy bill at the end of the month. Follow these tips for a sparkling energy-efficient holiday without the energy-bill hangover in the New Year!

LED is King

If you are planning on taking out the same old bulbs that you’ve been using for years, you are in severe need of an upgrade. Make this the year you step up to LED (light emitting diode) lightbulbs for your indoor and outdoor holiday decorating. LED lights offer multiple benefits, including strings of lights that will still turn on even if one bulb is out. Some companies boast lights that will last for 20,000 hours or more (giving you years of holiday sparkle!). There are companies that offer Energy Star Certified sets of LED lights, meaning you’ll get your best twinkle while also saving money by using less energy. Savvy shoppers might be able to find a rebate on selected bulb sets.

Purchase a timer

Lights shine their brightest in the dark, so make sure you only have them on after it’s dark outside. Purchasing a timer is a simple solution for assuring your lights are on when the sun sets and turn off at a reasonable hour in the night (your neighbors will thank you!). This is especially helpful for folks who choose to decorate with fun, but high energy-use inflatable yard decorations. Programmable timers are easy to find and use, while tech-savvy consumers who have assistant devices like Google Home or Alexa can use adaptors and apps that allow them to control their lights from their phones (or speakers).

Remember the tinsel (and other options)

Not everything has to be a light show and not everything that twinkles has a bulb in it. Consider expanding your decorative horizon with metallic and reflective materials, or simple wreathes and greenery. These decorations are energy-free and can be enjoyed during the day time. Indeed, your home can have a daytime and nighttime look if you want to get creative!

Spreading a little cheer and joy through fun decorations is a great way to get into the spirit this holiday season. We hope you enjoy gathering with friends and family over the next few weeks! Don’t forget that good energy habits never take a holiday. These easy tips will make a big difference when your utility bill comes in the New Year!

Already looking ahead to your new year’s resolutions? Is taking a hard look at your energy use one of them? We’d love to talk to you about how switching to solar can make a significant difference in your utility costs next year! Get in touch with us today!


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