Sustainable Tailgating Tips

Green tailgating tips, Tips for greener tailgating

Fall sports are well underway and that means it’s tailgating season! While cheering on your favorite team is plenty of fun already, gathering with friends and family over fantastic food brings it all together. Tailgating is a wonderful tradition, but it used to come with a lot of waste. With new tools and thoughtful planning, you can make your next tailgate party fun and sustainable.

Bulk up for savings and reduced waste

Believe it or not, purchasing items from the bulk warehouse store reduces the use of packaging and makes for a more sustainable party. Individual-sized items require a lot of packaging, often from plastic, which fills up landfills or make it to the ocean. Purchasing in bulk, then taking what you need in reusable containers reduces waste. As an added bonus, buying in bulk often presents savings on the cost. A little planning ahead, a little coordination with your friends, and a little time for prep can make all the difference for your wallet and for the environment.

Speaking of your friends: traveling to the game as a group will also reduce the footprint of your tailgate. Truth be told, depending on where the game is, you’ll probably save a little money as well! Carpooling reduces congestion and air pollution, while also providing the opportunity for safe designated driving.

Choose to Reuse

Reusable and unbreakable plasticware is an inexpensive investment that yields a lot of value to both your budget and the environment. Thousands of cups, bottles, plates and utensils are thrown away after games all around our state. The amount of trash generated from games, even as small as a high school football game, is staggering. Choosing reusable cups, plates and utensils is a sustainable solution that will almost instantly reduce your tailgate’s footprint.

You might be thinking, “well, I got compostable stuff for my tailgate.” That’s fantastic! Just make sure that you actually get your compostable utensils to the proper place. Oftentimes, compostable to-go cartons and utensils require industrial composting at a proper facility. If you’re not sure what to do, do your research in advance or simply get reusable utensils instead!

Keep your support local

Just as you are cheering on your local team, make sure you’re supporting your local farmers by choosing fruits, veggies, cheeses, and even meats that are locally grown and harvested. By choosing local goods, you reduce the amount of miles your food travels to make it to your table. You also keep your money in your local community, which is a wonderful benefit.

Cook Clean

If you are serious about your tailgate and are cooking at the game, consider making propane your fuel of choice. Yes, there is a lot of debate and discussion about taste, but propane offers a cleaner burning alternative to wood and charcoal. It’s also more contained and the “packaging” (in other words, the tank) can be exchanged and reused.

Have fun enjoying the game with favorite friends, neighbors and family. There is nothing better than good food, a winning team and great people to share it all with. When it comes to tailgating, “going green” isn’t difficult or expensive. A few quick changes will make your tailgating experience more sustainable and just as enjoyable!

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