The Ultimate Green Gift: Giving Solar This Holiday Season

Considering Solar Powered Gifts? Giving the Gift of Solar can make an Impact

Looking to make an impression and an impact this holiday season? Perhaps you have grown children who have purchased their first home or who have been in their home for a while and are contemplating converting to solar? Maybe you have a close friend or neighbor who has been on the fence and just needs a little nudge to get started? Giving small solar powered gifts like a solar powered iPhone case may be cheap, but giving the gift of solar in the form of an initial deposit on a system this holiday season is a thoughtful gift that makes a difference! It helps the environment, making a difference for all of us, and it helps the recipient’s energy cost, saving them thousands of dollars over the life of the system.

Sure, this is a unique idea. You may be wondering how it’s possible to “gift” solar panels to a loved one. Believe it or not, signing up a friend or family member for solar panels is a simple, straight-forward process.

Solar Powered Gifts

How much money would I need to put down?

Converting your home from traditional utilities over to solar is a complex process that involves multiple parties, including your utility company and state agencies. Consultation, inspection, design and installation take time. Our typical install period averages 9 to 10 weeks, and we guarantee installation in 12 weeks or less. That means if you start your process in December, your system will be up and ready to go just in time to take full advantage of the longest days of the year!

Do I have to know everything about my loved one’s property before giving the deposit?

No. We will perform a full assessment of the recipient’s property and then design a custom system for them and their needs. Just make sure that your loved one is seriously interested in solar energy before surprising them with the opportunity!

Do I have to know anything about their energy company or how much they spend on energy every month?

Nope! As long as they are Massachusetts residents who are customers of the energy providers in the area (Eversource, National Grid, Unitil), we know we can save them money and we can create a system for them they will meet their needs.

Do I have to know anything about their roof? What about trees?

Our expert solar consultants will perform a full qualification assessment of the property. We will inspect the roof and make sure that it can handle our system. Our technicians and designers can create a system for just about any type of roof.

While there are some circumstances where there is simply too much shade, more likely than not we can find a way to bring the benefit of solar to your gift recipient. In such circumstance that tree removal is necessary, we can roll the cost into the project budget and still create a system that will save your gift recipient money on their energy bills!

Bottom line: Giving the gift of solar this holiday season is a creative, thoughtful, and impactful way to show you care.

It doesn’t take much to get started, and our friendly team of local technicians would be delighted to give speak to you about fun, creative ways to surprise your loved one with this thoughtful gift. We can’t wait to work with you and make this holiday one to remember! Please get in touch with Solar Five® if you have any questions or would like a quote.


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