Hello Sunshine! Solar Five to Open Miami Branch

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It’s only natural that a solar company would want to put up shop where the sun seems to shine all the time. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’re opening a brand-new office in Miami, Florida, which will serve the Miami market and quickly expand to other southern communities. Our Miami office will also serve cities in Latin America, opening a whole new world of opportunities for people looking for reliable, cost-saving, sustainable energy. We’re proud of our New England roots and we’re delighted to remind our customers that we’re just as committed as ever to the New England towns that we serve. Near or far, we’re here for your solar panel needs.

Goin’ to Florida, Sunshiny Florida

At first glance, you might be wondering: why Florida? That’s a long way from Massachusetts. The answer is easy—Sunshine in Florida is stronger and longer lasting than it is in New England, giving solar panel customers excellent output and significant savings on their energy. As you can imagine, Florida is a high-use state: air conditioning, pool pumps, and other major appliances use a lot of energy in homes and businesses throughout the state. While electricity is offered to customers at remarkable market rates, there is only one energy company providing service to the Miami area. We see an opportunity to provide more choice to Miami residents and businesses, while harnessing the power of the strong sun. Best of all, with rates incrementally increasing every year, Miami residents who switch to solar energy with Solar Five will lock in their pricing for the next 25 years. This represents significant savings over time.

A Gateway to the Latin World

Opening our new branch in Miami isn’t only an opportunity for the immediate residents of the area, but for the wider region. With flights to Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, the Caribbean, and the rest of Latin America, Miami represents the perfect hub and gateway to new communities that are yearning for alternative energy. We will spend a bit of time establishing ourselves in Florida and building relationships in our new community, but we look forward to extending our service and passion to a whole new population in the near future. Though we have established ourselves in New England, we have experience bringing solar energy to the global market already. This is the next natural step and we cannot wait to get started!

A Woman at the Helm

We’re very proud to introduce Madile De Seguins, who will helm our Miami office and build the network that takes Solar Five to more homes. Paris-born and having spent significant time in Colombia, Madile boasts decades of experience in leadership roles in organizations that range from radio to construction. French, English and Spanish-speaking, Madile lends an international eye to the diverse Miami market, with the strong leadership skills necessary to build an effective, dynamic team. When asked about being a leading woman in a male space, Madile states enthusiastically that she’s up for the challenge. Strong leadership comes with empathy, intuition and careful balance. When asked what she thinks makes Solar Five stand out from the competition, she invites Miami residents to “learn more about us. See our values. Read our reviews. Do your research and you’ll quickly learn why we’re different.”

New Branch, Same Core Values

Solar Five is a value-driven company and we’re bringing those values with us to Florida. We’re building a local team in Florida. That means our customer service, engineers, installers and office staff will be located, sourced and trained right there. We believe that hiring locally and weaving ourselves into the community is essential. If you’re new to Solar Five, please read more about us and what we stand for. We’re proud of our values and know they will lay the foundation for a strong future in a new market.

We’re excited to share our big news with you and we know this expansion wouldn’t be possible without the support of our customers. Thank you for being part of our story of growth. We’re looking forward to many more years of strong relationships and service to come. Stay tuned for more stories about our expansion in the coming months!

Are you a Miami resident who has heard of Solar Five and you want to know more? Get started by reading about our services or testimonials from some of our many happy customers! Have questions about how Solar Five can make a difference in your energy bills (in New England or in Florida)? Reach out! We’d be delighted to answer your questions.


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