Residential Solar

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Rooftop Solar System

Solar Five® will conduct a rooftop analysis of your home utilizing LIDAR and shading technologies. If your houses azimuth (direction the rooftop faces), roofing material, roof pitch and shading area are appropriate of a solar system, Solar Five® will present you with a design package for a solar system on your roof.

Ground Mount Solar System

If your rooftop doesn’t qualify or you would rather a solar system on the ground, Solar Five® will also conduct an analysis using LIDAR and shading technologies for a ground mount solar system on your land. This is a perfect solution if you have the available land and don’t want a system on your roof.



I decided to look into solar energy services because of the opportunity to lower my utility bill and I’m very satisfied that I did. Enrolling with Solar Five® was pretty easy. There was no upfront cost and everything went as promised. Any questions I’ve had were answered and the sales rep put everything together. Now the system is up and running and performing very well. A couple of years ago I was skeptical and ignorant about it and didn’t know a lot of the details. Now, I would recommend solar power. I have actually been talking to other people about it and they don’t realize the savings in the current. In fact, maybe in a couple of years we might try to get some batteries installed to start saving solar power. Probably, I can pay for the system. The next step would be to try to go totally independent.



Solar Five® was totally professional throughout the entire process. They did everything for us and made it easy to start and finish the process. We’ve been up and running now for a year and it is perfect. I haven’t paid an electric bill in 5 months and we’ve paid back close to 35% of the total price in 12 months. Owning was the right choice.


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