Maximize the Light: Daylight Tips for Your Home

Maximizing Daylight in the Home, Maximize light in the house

Brightening Tips for Your Home

Daylight Savings Time started last week and perhaps you are only now getting used to it. Losing that hour of sleep is most certainly not ideal, right? We are choosing to look past the annoying lack of sleep and instead look forward to stronger sun, longer days, and more opportunities to save on energy. With the promise of more sun on the horizon, we were wondering: are there ways to maximize natural sunlight in your home during the day? Here are some suggestions that may be helpful.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

If you are thinking about a home décor refresh during the spring, consider putting a few mirrors on your shopping list. Mirrors can do a lot for a space, including making it feel bigger. They also are wonderful for reflecting and amplifying the natural light of a room. Hang one across from a window to bounce some of that natural sunlight and brighten up a room. A little goes a long way.

Other reflective surfaces can be helpful, too. Think about flecks of reflective metal in a backsplash or other places if you are doing some serious decorating this year. You don’t need to go crazy with the bling to add a little lightness and brightness to your space.


Brighten up with Lighter Curtains

With the sun rising so early here in New England, blackout curtains in the bedroom might feel like a must. There is nothing wrong with getting a little assurance that you’ll be able to sleep in no matter the weather. Consider using sheer curtains in other spaces so sunlight can get into the rooms where you want it to be. Even for your rooms where you prefer a heavier fabric for your window treatment, consider layering: sheer for the day, heavy for the night and early morning. Not only will you add a bit of dimension and elegance to your windows, but you give yourself some flexibility and control over your natural light.


Don’t Forget to Clean

Fingerprints, dust and other stuff on your windows will stop the natural sunlight from coming through. Give your windows a good cleaning inside and out as you go through your spring cleaning routine. We’ll be writing more spring cleaning tips next month (when, hopefully, the weather will feel more spring-like), but there are plenty of eco-friendly window cleaners out there. You can even find a few effective DIY recipes online requiring only water, vinegar, and your favorite essential oil.


Perform a Habit Check

Are you a person who naturally flips on the light switch, even when it’s a sunny day and there is plenty of sunlight coming through the windows? Take this time to perform a habit check for you and your family: assess how much sunlight the rooms in your home get and identify which rooms can probably go light-free during daylight hours. Remind children (and others!) to turn off lights in rooms that you aren’t using, even if the room is only going to be empty “for a couple of minutes.” Renewing good habits can help conserve energy over time.

And one more quick reminder: if you haven’t checked out the latest lightbulb technology, now would be a great time. There are a lot of long-lasting, low energy-use lightbulbs out there that can help you keep your home bright without costing a lot. A Mass Save Consultant, like Revise Energy, can help you learn more and identify other ways you can change your energy use.

Even though there is still snow on the ground (and snow on the way), the days are still getting longer and the rays that we are getting from the sun are getting stronger. If you happen to have a solar panel system on your property, you are probably already seeing the increased productivity. Even if you don’t have a system, you can still reap the benefits of natural sunlight through clean windows supported with nice treatments and other home décor hacks. It doesn’t take much to maximize the light in your home during daylight savings time!

Can a solar panel company care about energy and aesthetics? Of course! If your next big home improvement involves getting serious about solar energy, we’d love to talk to you. Ask us how we can build a custom panel system for your home that will be powerful enough to save you money on your energy bill and be attractive enough to make you the envy of the entire neighborhood!


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