Ahead of the Game: Why Winter is the Perfect Season to Go Solar

Is Winter a Good Time to Go Solar

Is Winter a Good Time to Go Solar?

Snowflakes are falling, the cold wind is blowing, and we’re experiencing the shortest days of the year. So why should you be thinking about going solar in the winter months? Is winter a good time to go solar? The answer to your question is: yes!

Winter is a great time to reach out and get started on converting to solar. Here are a few reasons why:

Converting to Solar Takes More Than a Day

Converting your home from traditional utilities over to solar is a complex process that involves multiple parties, including your utility company and state agencies. Consultation, inspection, design and installation take time. Our typical install period averages 9 to 10 weeks, and we guarantee installation in 12 weeks or less. That means if you start your process in December, your system will be up and ready to go just in time to take full advantage of the longest days of the year!

A Little Preparation Goes a Long Way

Switching to solar requires a bit of paperwork; not just for us, but for your utility company, state agencies and a financial institution if you choose to lease your equipment. This paperwork assures that all work is properly permitted. Getting organized and submitting these required documents in a timely fashion means less delay and a simple timeline. In other words: we can’t control how long the utility and the state will take to process your change, but we know that staying organized and being timely always helps things along.

Consultation can Happen in (Just About) Any Weather

Snow on the yard? Snow on the roof? Our consulting technicians will still come out and perform an assessment to see how we can save you money with one of our systems. As long as there is access to the roof, we can get a fairly good idea of what design will work best for you. And, when it’s time to install, we’ll clear and prepare as needed so that you get your panels up and running on time.

You’ll be Ahead of the Crowd

Not many people are thinking about solar energy when the snow is falling. Starting out in the winter means our consultants are readily available for a visit on your schedule. Getting ahead of the crowd means your system can be designed and installed ahead of everyone else! Who doesn’t want to be first in line for the next big thing?

Thinking about solar now means you’ll be getting the most out of your system in 2017. These short, snowy days will melt away before you know it. Don’t you want your system up and running on that first day of Spring?

Want to start the new year on the path to going solar? Contact us to schedule a consultation today!


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