High Five! How Solar Five is Supporting New England Non-Profits

When Solar Five got started, we wanted to be more than just another company. That’s why we started with a set of five core values that drive our vision, decisions, and service to you, our customers. Our fifth core value, Community, is a call to action for our whole team, as we seek to build stronger communities by supporting neighborhood businesses that employ local residents and by supporting local initiatives. One of the ways we live this core value is by launching the High Five initiative, which offers our customers who refer someone new to our service with a $500 reward for themselves and a $500 gift to a non-profit organization of their choice. The High Five program is just one way we strive to be a green company doing good for the community where we live and work.

Earlier this month, we were delighted to present Beaver Brook Elementary School, a Kindergarten through Second Grade public school in Abington, Massachusetts, with a check for $500. It was fantastic to work with Principal Catherine Zinni and to meet some of the Beaver Brook students!  The money will go toward digitizing the school library, making reading more fun and accessible for the students of the school, and supporting the wonderful staff who work hard to bring the magic of reading to every child in the community. We’re proud to make this contribution to their efforts and we thank our customer for choosing them!

Being part of the greater New England community means doing our part to support the people and groups that serve in our neighborhoods and towns. We’ve done our best during 2017 to be active partners in multiple events and programs, including supporting the Pet Rock Festival, Vets and Veggies, and the annual Hastings 5K Run. We’ve also proudly given High Five checks to excellent organizations, including Beaver Brook Elementary and the Guild of St. Agnes in Worcester. This is just the beginning of what we hope is a wave of support for organizations that are near and dear to our customers, and we look forward to doing even more in 2018!

We hope you will join us in doing good for others in the upcoming year. If you are already a Solar Five customer, we hope you’ll take advantage of the High Five program by referring us to a friend or neighbor, then helping us give $500 to an organization of your choice. If you aren’t a Solar Five customer, but want to know more about who we are, what we stand for, and how you can benefit from switching to solar energy, please give us a call today. We want you to be part of the solar movement, and when you do so, you’re supporting your fellow New Englanders as well!

Want the peace of mind of lower energy costs while also lending a helping hand in your community? Give us a call today and tell us your energy goals in 2018! You can also submit ‘High Five’ referrals here.


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