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Why Solar Five® Commercial?

From schools, official government offices and businesses, to multi-megawatt solar farms, Solar Five®’s portfolio of unique projects offers something for everyone.

Solar Five®, in partnership with the trusted businesses and federal agencies that we call our customers, are dedicated to stewarding energy solutions for a cleaner environment today and a healthier planet tomorrow.

We have the same industry experience as the major solar providers, along with a dedicated team with a global portfolio of developed solar projects and over 20,000 installs.

We at Solar Five® firmly believe that a better world starts at home. As your company or agency invests in clean energy, Solar Five® invests back by working with local professionals and organizations. We’re proud to bring sustainable energy solutions to the communities that we live in.

How it works:

We install a solar system on your roof with no upfront cost to you. The system can be leased or will be financed with a loan. The solar system supplies electricity to your building and reduces your power bill. You will also receive Federal Government and Massachusetts State incentives. The power bill reduction and the incentives exceed the lease / loan payments,providing you with an instant cash benefit. The solar system is maintained and operated by us. The ownership of the solar system will be transferred to you after 7 or 9 years, depending on the type of finance you chose.


Save money on your power bill.
No upfront payments required.
Clean image.
Long term earning with your roof.


Simple Process
1. Simply provide us with a copy of your power bill and provide roof
2. We will inspect the roof and define the solar system size.
3. We will advise how much you will save on your energy bill
and how much you will earn with the roof lease.
4. If you then want to proceed you sign a solar system purchase
agreement with us and we will arrange the lease or loan
agreement for you, and we will obtain the necessary permits
before installing the solar system.


System capacity: 25 KWac
Energy production: 37,000 KWh/year
20 Year production: 712,000 KWh
CO 2 reduction: 400 tons


System Cost: $100,000
Lease Option: 9 year lease
Loan Option: 7 year loan
Yearly Return on Investment: more than 12 %
Income Tax Credits: $26,000
1 st Year Depreciation: $21,750
SMART Incentives (10 years): $59,000
Solar Electricity (20 years): $150,000


Total Benefits: $256,750


Required Power Meter: 3 Phase
Minimum existing annual power consumption: 35,000 KWh
Roof space required: 1884 sq ft


Building must be owned
Installation time: 4 months


Lease per month: – $980.00
SMART incentives: + $490.00
Solar Power per month: + $650.00

Benefit per month: + $160


After lease repayment
(9 years) the monthly
benefit increases to:
Year 10: + 1,110
Years 11 ++ +$650
Total benefit over
25 years: + $136,500



Loan payment per month: – $1,660.00
Income tax credits: +$310.00
Depreciation: + $260.00
SMART incentives: + $490.00
Solar Power per month: + $650.00

Benefit per month: +$50

After loan repayment (7 years) the monthly benefit increases to:
Years 8 -10: + $1,110
Years 11 ++ +$650


Total benefit over 25 years: $153,500



Solar Five has done a wonderful job of navigating the process of having a solar system installed from design to commissioning. The turnkey operation and willingness to work with our scheduling demands were key in ensuring a successful project. The future of energy production is solar and Solar Five is making it increasingly more difficult to find an excuse not to do it!


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