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Solar Five® is your neighborhood operated solar power provider. Our Massachusetts-based team will personally assist you in choosing an efficient and affordable system that best meets your needs, and provides sustainable energy for our community.

We believe that solar power should be accessible to everyone and we specialize in providing financing options that help you save on your monthly bills immediately. We also believe in making the installation process quick and professional—with weekly check-ins, we’ll never leave you hanging.

Most importantly, we’re committed to building meaningful local partnerships that bring more than just energy savings to our local communities. Because with Solar Five®, a better world starts at home.

Core Values.

Solar Five® is a value-driven company. At the heart of everything we do is a commitment to our five tenets of excellence:

  1. Ensure our Customers LOVE going solar with Solar Five.
  2. Always act HONESTLY.
  3. Build long term RELATIONSHIPS.
  4. Work as a TEAM. Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!
  5. Respect, Value, Encourage, Give Feedback & TAKE CARE of each other.

Leadership Team.

Introducing our passionate, dedicated leadership team...

David Faria

Head of Sales

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David grew up in Peabody, Massachusetts, as the youngest of three. While gritting his teeth through a headache brought on by the petroleum-based car wax he was selling at the time, David decided to make a change. He was tired of the headaches and worried about the environmental cost of the materials. In his first role in the solar industry, David developed the retail market for Sun Run in Massachusetts, overseeing a forty-five person team. David came to Solar Five for the independence and trust the company gave to its advisors. He encouraged his mentee, Mike, to join the company. 

David has been a community organizer for many years. As an advocate for Green Andover, David helped remove all plastic bags from Danvers and Andover. Through Massachusetts Green 360, he’s advocated for his congressional representatives to adopt clean energy. Dave attends the Worchester and Lynn Chambers of Commerce meetings to encourage individuals and businesses to go green. 

David is also part of six Portuguese clubs, one of the ways he connects to his parent’s Portuguese heritage. In addition, he has been a coach with the Special Olympics since his daughter, who had cerebral palsy, was six. At twenty-one, his daughter is now a coach herself. 

David is recently engaged. Though the proposal didn’t go as planned – David tripped while bending down on one knee, sending wine glasses and candles flying – he says it epitomizes his relationship, which is characterized by joking, kidding, and having fun. He brings this same energy to every family he visits through Solar Five. 

Joshua Marotske

Operations Manager

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Josh received a Bachelors in Physics from Washington College and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland. His last semester, he worked with a government contractor, improving fuel efficiency for Marine Corps vehicles. His father had spent twenty-two years as a Marine, and Josh enjoyed supporting his legacy. Still, the scope of the work was narrow, and Josh’s understanding of the organization as a whole was limited by strict government regulations.

When a friend from college contacted Josh about an operations role at Solar Five, Josh put in an application and was soon offered the position. Josh initially accepted the role of a Project Engineer and worked his way up into the Operations Manager role. He enjoys learning every facet of the small business and streamlining operations.

Josh now lives in Sommerville. He recently ran the Devil Dog Double, an 18.1-mile race in Fredericksburg. In October, he will be running the Marine Corps Marathon, a tribute to his father.

Mark Milton

Senior Solar Energy Advisor

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After selling his business in 2016, Mark hiked the Appalachian Trail, first from Vermont to Maine, then to sixty-seven of the highest peaks in New England. He hoped that reconnecting with nature would help him figure out his next career move. After returning home, Mark and his daughter watched ‘Before the Flood,’ a film on climate change recommended by a fellow hiker. When the movie finished, his daughter was near tears. She asked Mark: “What are you guys doing about this?” Mark took the question to heart, and two weeks later, he began his career in solar energy.

Mark first joined Tesla to learn the solar business cycle, then transitioned to Solar Five. At the company, Mark helps families switch from expensive, dirty fossil fuels to less expensive, cleaner solar energy. Through his work, he helps families ‘Leave No Trace’ – the principle of leaving nature as you found it, so others can enjoy it – just as he learned on the trail. In doing so, he helps preserve the beauty of the rivers, waterfalls, forests, and grasslands for his children and grandchildren.

Mark has degrees in Political Science and Economics from Colgate University and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

Marc Cywinski

Market Research Analyst

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The solar industry is a natural fit for Marc. His father, a submarine engineer, embarked on a second career as the owner of a solar installation company in Australia. Marc learned the operations side of the business in the summers during high school and college. While his brother opened a solar installation company in Thailand, Marc joined Solar Five. After a year with the company, Marc reached out to his friend Josh, who joined Solar Five as the Operations Manager Engineer at the company. Marc enjoys Solar Five’s small size, collegial atmosphere, and focus on personal responsibility. He is proud to be able to help families transition to cleaner energy sources.

Alejandro Montejo

Energy Consultant

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Alejandro spent his childhood playing sports outdoors, where he learned to respect the earth. During college, Alejandro joined the College of Social Sciences at Florida State University and was invited to enroll in the Jim Moran School of Global Entrepreneurship his junior year. Alejandro has been part of the Solar Five team since 2015, working his way through every department including Marketing, Operations, Sales, Customer Service, and IT. Currently, he works in social media and analytics for the team.

Alejandro believes that switching to solar power solar provides a better life for the next generation. He is excited to continue the family legacy while working at Solar Five.

Lucas Fernandes

Energy Consultant

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Lucas Fernandes was born in Belmont to a home of two brothers and six dogs. An avid soccer player, he graduated high school a year early to play professionally in Brazil, Mexico, Italy, and Germany. He comes from a long lineage of soccer players – his father, uncle, and grandfather all went professional. After college, Lucas decided to work in solar to be able to show people their current carbon footprint, and their ability to decrease it. He then worked with Converse in PR and marketing, gaining skills in operations and management, then was recruited to Solar Five. At our company, Lucas enjoys giving power to homeowners to choose the impact they want to have on the earth. After a century of using up the earth’s resources, it is time to evolve.

When Lucas retires, he hopes to invest in a farm and mobile pet adoption clinic powered by solar.

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