4 Tips for Making the Most Out of Solar Panels

Get the Most out of Your Solar System

On the path to going solar or already have solar panels on your roof? Excellent! But why not do a few simple things to make the most out of your solar panels? These four tips can help anyone increase their energy production and make the most out of solar panels. Give it a read!

#1 – Maintenance

One of the best parts of solar panels is that they are incredibly low maintenance once they are installed. There are no moving parts on a solar panel, leaving little room for anything to go wrong with them. However, as durable as they are, there is always a possibility that solar panels will get cracked. It is recommended that your panels should be checked every few months to make sure they are still in top shape. A great time to check for any damage is after a storm, especially one that came with high-speed winds. Wind may blow debris that could possible crack a panel if blown hard enough. Although unlikely that your panels will crack, you can never be too sure. Along with checking them every few months, cleaning them is also recommended. Cleaning them ensures that no dirt or debris will block the sun’s rays from hitting the panels, allowing for maximum possible energy production.

#2 – Clear Trees

If it is not obvious, shade and solar panels do not get along. Shade limits the amount of sunlight exposure to the panels, which in turn limits the amount of energy production per panel. By clearing trees, you will maximize the amount of sun exposure to the solar panels and produce the most electricity. Because solar companies want you to have maximum production for your solar system, many will have the trees cleared for you to make it easier. Plus, if you are financing your solar system through a loan program, some companies will incorporate the tree removal into the loan allowing you to pay it back over time.

#3 – Use a Professional Installer

When going solar, some might opt to try and build the system themselves. In order to get the most out of your solar system, use a professional installer. They will design the system properly to maximize production and exposure. Along with this, professionals will install it correctly and it takes the risk of injury away from a homeowner attempting to install the panels themselves. Most likely, the largest reason homeowners might choose to do an install themself is to save money. However, an install done incorrectly or not fully optimized for maximum production will result in long-term loss. A homeowner done install might save money in the short run, but if not installed for maximum production the system will not produce as much as it should if professionally installed. By not reaching maximum production, the homeowner loses money every day. Over time that adds up to a large loss, a loss greater than what they saved in the short run by installing the panels themselves.

#4 – Don’t Panic About the Weather!

You can still make the most out of solar panels even on cloudy days. Although your solar system will not produce as much as it would on a clear, sunny day, it can still produce up to 30% of maximum production even with clouds in the sky. As long as there is enough light to create a shadow, your solar system will still produce. In fact, there is something known as “the edge of cloud effect.” This effect comes from sunlight passing through the edge of a fluffy, cumulus cloud. The edge of this cloud actually magnifies the sunlight, causing higher production that exceeds the rated production within your solar panels. To sum, clouds are not to be worried about. What matters is the amount of sunshine within a full year that your panels receive, not a single cloudy day.


Ultimately the goal of solar panels is to create enough energy to offset your home’s energy usage. By doing regular maintenance of your solar panels, clearing trees to add more sunlight, using a professional installer, and not worrying about cloudy days, you will be able to make the most out of your solar panels. If you enjoyed these tips, share them with a friend or family member!



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Jeff Chenaultreply
January 25, 2018 at 6:58 am

Yes, maintenance is a must for a solar panel to make it last. Also, let the professional install your solar panel cause they are more knowledgeable when it come to installing.

rohit aggarwalreply
February 5, 2019 at 7:19 am

Thanks for the information

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